Hi! I’m Jen. I’m currently happily living in Los Angeles. (Hollywood, to be exact.)

I was always “the one with the camera”. (I started with my dad’s ’80s Canon AE-1, which I still have on a shelf above my computer as I write this.) I obsessively documented my family trips and friends’ gatherings, and then “branched out” to interesting-looking shadows and pretty flowers.

I never considered photography as anything more than a fun hobby until I took some candid photos of a couple I was friends with during a trip to Brooklyn in 2006. When they saw the photos they said, “These are amazing! You should do this for a living!” I was in grad school for Gender Studies at the time and figured they were biased because they were my friends, so I laughed it off and got back to the serious business of being a Sociologist and single-handedly ending gender inequality. (Have I mentioned I’m an idealist?)

But academia can be pretty thankless, and that moment planted a seed. Shortly after returning home I placed an ad on Craigslist and was contacted by a wedding photographer who asked me if I wanted to shoot with him. I was completely hooked from that first wedding. The emotional connections I got to observe and document spoke to me in a way I’d never felt with anything else. I finished my degree, then dove into wedding photography full-time.

It was the scariest and best choice I ever made.

Okay, enough about me…


You are romantics with a great sense of humor, lovers of art, a little irreverent, and totally down-to-earth.

You love the off-beat and the unexpected, have an eye for the beauty in everyday things, and want your personalities to shine through in your wedding photos.

You’re inspired by modern architecture, untouched natural landscapes, the juxtaposition of gritty and pretty, raw beauty, an industrial urban aesthetic, repurposed spaces, and unconventional wisdom.

You want to cut loose on your wedding day and enjoy the best party you’ll ever throw with the company of the people you love most in the world.

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