I don’t really know where to begin blogging this incredible elopement. I think it was best summarized by one of my friends when upon telling her, “I get to photograph a same-sex elopement in Iowa in a hot air balloon” she responded “I don’t know what the coolest part of that sentence is!” I was happily amazed that once again my job allows me access to witness such an intimate event. And I do mean intimate! After an afternoon of driving aimlessly around theĀ back roadsĀ of Indianola, Iowa and finding some awesome rustic farms and open fields, the five of us (myself, the balloon operator, the officiant, and the couple) piled into the balloon and took off for an hour flight through the air, 1000 feet off the ground. And when we landed, Carrie & Allison were married ladies! (For the record, all three of us were slightly scared of heights. I think Allison’s thought process on arranging this day went something like, ‘Hmm…an elopement is so stress-free, I need to think of something to ensure that we’re both still kind of terrified!’)


C&A have an excellent sense of humor.

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Safe and sound and married!

Balloon Company: FlyinKOAT – Indianola, IA
Photography: J Wiley Photography
Rings: Gustav Reyes

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October 13, 2010