2012: Road Trip Part I: Leaving Chicago

December 26, 2012
Though documenting people and emotion is my greatest joy, I also love pastoral landscapes, abandoned and weathered buildings, and the intersection of industrial edifices with rural countryside. The way grain silos and farming machinery rise up like skyscrapers against the flat, expansive backdrop of the Midwest and Great Plains is completely captivating.

When we decided to move from Chicago to Los Angeles, we knew that a road trip was the only way to go. I’d always wanted to drive across the country and photograph all the places along the way that we city-dwellers so rarely get to see. We packed up our car, and our kitty, and headed west over the course of six days. I tried to pull over often and take photos very deliberately, but mostly we just whizzed by our awe-inspiring surroundings and I had to always be ready with a hand on my camera.

These photos were taken on days 1 & 2 of our trip. Our first leg took us from Chicago to Missouri where I got to spend time with two phenomenal friends, and then from Missouri through Kansas, toward Colorado. Days 3-6 to follow!