Home Engagement Photo Session

October 12, 2018

We were able to start with engagement photos in L&B’s home, and then just a quick drive away is one of my favorite canyons that I like to hike in regularly.

I loved that the leaves had fallen off the tress, showing all the branches that made the session a little moodier. It gave me some extra cool angles and lines to work with. I also think it gave the shoot a little extra edge, which complimented the couple’s look. As a photographer, whenever I’m giving recommendations for my couples’ outfits for engagement photos, I give two pieces of advice: wear clothing that makes sense in the location, and coordinate so you look like you’re dressed for the same occasion. Avoid matching, but definitely coordinate your styles. L&B went from super dressed-down at home, to casual with a little edge for the outdoor part of our shoot. (I’m totally a sucker for a good hat, so I may have heavily suggested that Lauren bring it along with her for the hike.) Both of their outfit choices were great for the settings we were in.