2024 Bay Area Family Photos

April 5, 2024

No fake smiles


Ready for a family photo session that feels natural and real and fun? No stiff poses, no matching outfits, and no “smiling for the camera.”

My family photo sessions create memories. We’ll be running around, getting wild, and laughing the whole time. (I’ll level with you, parents, it’s going to be a workout, and you will get your steps in for the day!)

I believe that the way you have fun together, cuddle up together, and goof around together naturally makes for the very best photos. I’ll always give a little coaching and offer ideas as needed, then step back and let things unfold authentically.

So let’s hang out and document the ones you love, exactly as you are.

As a seasoned photographer, I’ve documented countless moments of beauty and joy through my lens over the past 14 years. And now as a recent resident of the Bay Area, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be offering family photo sessions for the upcoming spring and summer of 2024!


San Francisco, with its iconic landmarks and picturesque landscapes, provides the perfect backdrop for creating memories with your family. From San Francisco to the East Bay, there’s no shortage of stunning locations to choose from. (I’m based in Oakland, and I happily travel all over the bay!)

I also LOVE in-home sessions, and often recommend them for very little ones. A photo session in your home gives us a familiar environment to work in, and is super low-stress for parents. I love cozy photos in bed, photos in your kiddo’s room, and everyone piled up on the sofa together. (We can still take a stroll around the block for some outdoor variety, without the hassle of a location farther from home.)

From candid moments to “posed candid” portraits, my goal is to create memorable images that you’ll be able to look back on years from now as your family grows.

Booking your family photo session with me means not only capturing beautiful photographs but also enjoying a fun and memorable experience. Looking forward to creating something special together in San Francisco, Oakland, and beyond!